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The second child killed in New Orleans in 3 days. I love my Tumblr followers, y’all reblog the hell out a Beyoncé post but ignore every single post about what’s going on in New Orleans. I’m not even sure why I expect any of you to be phased, our own politicians and police department don’t care either. But I, as well as thousands of other New Orleanians, will continue to stand for change. And we will not stop until our voices are heard. RIP baby girl

Rest in Peace Baby Gurl 💫







i fucking tell everybody this that tries to argue with me like “you need meat, that’s where you get your protein, you are just skin and bones”

mhhm ^ and kale has even more i think

Or you could stop treating people’s eating habits as a religion and stop bashing people for eating meat and pushing vegan lifestyle onto other peole. EAT WHATEVERTHE FUCK YOU WANT!

lady, no one’s bashing on anyone. facts are facts. awareness is being aware and conscious, that’s all. no need to be so narrowed minded to get offended and be hostile. it’s for good causes regardless of personal choice. everyone deserves their respect to their choice and that’s understandable.

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One of my favorite scenes from “Girl Interrupted” where the girls are pretending to be trees while one of the girls (Brittany Murphy) gets discharged.

this movie all together is fantastic. I could agree that this has to be the funniest part, i died laughing!
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